Friday, October 2, 2009

I like this. A lot.

If you don't know what this video is satirizing, I'll refer you here . I'm not going to lie to you people. As much as I try to present a stoic exterior to the world, I am a pretty emotional person. Not sure if any of you have picked up on that. Anyway, this video almost made me cry (in a totally manly way). Let me explain.

The original one, done by the moronic celebrities, is ridiculous and not even funny. The response, done by a bunch of "nobodies", completely savages the celebrities and exposes just how idiotic their message is. For example, the celebrities talk incredulously about how absurd it is to suggest that someone be expected to pay for their own medical expenses. The regular people, who live in reality, point out how somebody has to pay for that care and it certainly doesn't make sense for the family with bills to take their neighbor's money by force. They don't say all of that literally, but it's there if you can pick up on it. And by the way, the second video is infinitely funnier than the one professionally produced by the multi-millionaires, some of whom make a living from comedy.

This is what we need right now. After all, regular people getting pissed off and sticking their finger in the eyes of the elite is what our country was founded on, right? Can't you see Will Farrell, Don Draper and that dipshit Japanese guy from Heroes watching the above video in disbelief, getting outraged and yelling, "Who do these people think they are?! Don't they know who I am?!" Of course, they don't really want to hear the answer to that question, because the answer is that the average person knows these celebrities better than they know themselves. The celebrities would presume to say the regular folks who made this video are nobodies, while they are somebody important. In reality, it is the celebrities who are nobodies, because they are nobody if the people in the second video don't watch their TV shows and buy tickets to their movies. The celebrities need us far more than we need them, yet somehow they think that they know what is best for us and they can tell us how we should live while they live like spoiled adolescents running wild with daddy's credit card.

Let this forever be a perfect example of how out of touch these rich leftists are. Not only do they think their stupid video will cause people to change their minds just because they are famous, they cannot see the abounding irony in them, celebrities, accusing a bunch of businessmen who deliver a valuable service of being overpaid and having too much money. If they aren't even bright enough to pick up on that, why in the hell would we listen to a word they say about anything else? The obvious answer is, we shouldn't. Many of these people have never had one real job their entire lives, and certainly not in any kind of management position. They are definitely not doctors, they just play them on TV (my favorite line of the video), and some of them can't even do that well.

The overall reason I like this, though, is because nobody is going to help us. We have to band together and do this ourselves if there is any hope of saving this country and rolling back the leftist agenda. We can't wait for someone else to do it and we can't depend on the GOP to find its brain and its spine in time to get anything done. That's why the video almost brought a tear to my eye. All my life I've had to suffer leftist propaganda in virtually every facet of the media and watch all of these self-congratulating ass clowns pat themselves on the back for every mediocre thing they've ever done. I have dreamed of something like this, where ordinary people pants the big dogs in a big way. Let's at least make them try when they make their propaganda.

If there is to be a counterstroke to the invasion of leftist ideology, it starts here and now. Or has it already started? Keep it up, everybody, we've got a long way to go.